Retirement System

MassHousing Retirement Newsletter - Spring 2021

MassHousing Board Updates

Several changes to the MassHousing Board were announced in March. First, we would like to welcome Lisa Serafin as the new Chairwoman of the MassHousing Retirement Board. Lisa Serafin was elected Treasurer, a role previously held by Mr. Silins. Ms. Serafin, who joined the MassHousing Board in 2016, is a Principal with Redgate Real Estate Advisors. We congratulate Ms. Serafin on her new role. The MassHousing Retirement Board would like to thank Andris Silins, for his many years of service and dedication to the members of the Retirement System. Good Luck in Retirement!

Finally, Mr. Silins seat who served on the MassHousing Board for over 24 years, was filled by Thomas J. Flynn, General Secretary‐Treasurer of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners of America.

Congratulations to Antonio Torres on his re-election to the Retirement Board!! Antonio Torres has been serving the members of the Retirement System faithfully since 2003.